Who is the Carson / Tahoe Moto for?

Carson / Tahoe Moto is for motorcycle riders who have an adventurous spirit. If you like discovering new places to ride, with great scenery, fantastic roads, and very little traffic, then this event is for you. It doesn’t much matter what sort of motorcycle you ride, as long as you ride it. Whether you prefer to stay on the pavement, get off on the dirt, or ride a lot of both, you’ll find great riding, and great people to ride with.


Adventure motorcycling near Carson Valley, Nevada

Adventure riders in the High Sierra


Adventure riders

What is adventure motorcycle riding? For some, it means loading a year’s worth of gear on your bike and heading out to cross as many international borders as you can find. For others, it’s a four-day weekend on backroads, some paved, and some dirt. One of the things that defines adventure is purposefully facing the unknown and dealing with whatever it throws at you. For us, the key word in adventure motorcycle riding is riding. It’s pretty tough to avoid adventure if you actually get out and ride. And the more you ride, the more adventure you will find. Building your experience and skills will set you up to seek out even more. Successful adventures are all about stretching the boundaries of your own comfort zone. If you are doing that on a motorcycle, then you are an adventure rider.



A high-performance sportbike is the right motorcycle for riders who like to go fast around corners.

Sport bikes on Monitor Pass


Sport riders

Sport bikes are probably the best motorcycles for taking on empty, twisty pavement, challenging yourself to find the perfect line, the most efficient entry, the quickest exit. If you seek out demanding riding on unknown, uncrowded blacktop, you’ll find it here. How hard do you want to ride and what do you want to get out of a day on the bike? If you ride a sport bike and your tires don’t show any sign of chicken strips, we’ve got some of the best curves in the Western US.



One of the most beautiful rides goes over Monitor Pass on Hwy 4/Hwy 89

Motorcycle touring in the Sierra


Touring riders

Like exploring small towns on historic roads, far from the interstates? Following the same routes used by covered wagons, forty-niners, or Pony Express riders? Climbing over high mountain passes just to see what’s on the other side? If so, we think you’ll like the riding in our area. Most of the people who emigrated overland to California in the 1850s and 1860s passed through Carson Valley. You can ride their route up and over the Sierra today on smooth pavement. And though the Pony Express only ran for 18 months, there were several stations in our area where riders changed horses and handed off the mail pouch.



What's the right motorcycle for backcountry adventure travel?

Checking the route in the backcountry.


Dirt riders

If you want to ride dirt, we’ve got plenty of it. From gentle,  maintained, wide, passenger-car-friendly dirt roads, to narrower Forest Service and BLM 4×4 routes, to challenging trails and single-track. The mountains and deserts surrounding Carson Valley are mostly public lands, with hundreds of miles of great, legal riding in spectacular backcountry.



Two-up motorcycle ride in the High Sierra.

Two-up motorcycle ride in the High Sierra.


Two-up riders

Enjoy traveling with a partner who doesn’t ride alone? Looking for quaint, quiet, romantic accommodations, great restaurants, local shopping, maybe even a spa? Carson Valley offers all of that, and more. This might be the best place around for couples who really enjoy two-up motorcycle touring.