About the Carson / Tahoe Moto Event


What is the Carson / Tahoe Moto?

Carson / Tahoe Moto is a gathering of motorcycle riders. It’s a rally, with an emphasis on discovering great roads—whether you prefer pavement or dirt—and meeting new people who love motorcycling as much as you do. It’s about getting out on the road and riding—not standing around looking at bikes.

When is the Carson / Tahoe Moto?

Carson / Tahoe Moto is August 21–24, 2014. The event starts on the afternoon of Thursday, August 21 and ends with pre-departure coffee and donuts on Sunday morning, August 24. Groups of riders often form up on Sunday morning for the ride back home.


Welcome to Carson Valley, Nevada

Welcome to Carson Valley, Nevada


Where is the Carson / Tahoe Moto?

Carson / Tahoe Moto is in and around beautiful Carson Valley, Nevada. Right next to Lake Tahoe, where the high Sierra meets the high desert and the Great Basin. The event headquarters and basecamp are in Minden, Nevada, with great rides just a few minutes away.

Who is the Carson / Tahoe Moto for?

Carson / Tahoe Moto is for motorcycle riders who have an adventurous spirit. If you like discovering new places to ride, with great scenery, fantastic roads, and very little traffic, then this event is for you. It doesn’t much matter what sort of motorcycle you ride, as long as you ride it. Whether you prefer to stay on the pavement, get off on the dirt, or ride a lot of both, you’ll find great riding, and great people to ride with.

Why go to the Carson / Tahoe Moto?

Carson / Tahoe Moto is a fantastic way to learn about one of the best areas for motorcycling in the US. We created this event to share some of our favorite roads with riders like you. Besides great rides on pavement, or dirt, or both, our area offers spectacular scenery, very light traffic, a motorcycle-friendly community, great restaurants, and affordable lodging.